Apostle Bishop Dr Barry Davis SrDr. Barry Davis, Sr. – Chief Apostle Prelate Bishop & Founder of ATWETV

International Apostle,  Bishop & Overseer  Dr Barry Davis Sr has been in the ministry for over 60 years serving the Lord Jesus Christ in power and might.

Dr Barry Davis Sr was born in South West VA and came to Maryland during the 50’s. He was married 36 years to Nancy (originally from LA) (Mother Davis went home with the Lord on 01-21-09) and has three sons, one daughter and he has11 grandchildren. He attended school and majored in Repro-Graphic Arts (printing) and Journalism and soon taught Repro-Graphic Arts after climbing to number one in his class. He had studied for the Ministry and attended various Bible Schools, Universities and Colleges to further his own knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. On 2-24-13 he received his Doctorate Degree from United Christian College. Dr Barry is now a Professor & Provost, teaching at ATWE School of Ministry across the Globe.

In the years past, he has held Tent Revivals, Brush Arbor Meetings, Street Meetings, Major Evangelical Crusades in Tents & Auditoriums. From many of these meetings, he has planted and helped plant many churches from the gulf coast to the Canadian borders.

He has been on Television and Radio with broadcasts heard over many of the power stations in the USA and abroad. Not to mention he has had a very successful recording career too. He is an accomplished musician and plays many instruments. He was nominated for induction to the “INTERNATIONAL MUSIC HALL OF FAME” FOR 2013. He was inducted in the “MARYLAND ENTERTAINMENT HALL OF FAME” as well as inducted twice into the “BLUES HALL OF FAME” in December of 2016.

He also played the B-3 Hammond Organ in Auditoriums and Tent Meetings for R. W. Schambach, David Terrel, Richard Owens, Charles Johnson, Hubert P. Ireland, H. Richard Hall, Paul E. Adams, Phillip Imler, and David Epley along with Organist David Davis from the A. A. Allen Crusades.

He has played music with such greats as: Shirley Ceasar, Leslie Harris and The House of Fire, The Mighty Gospel Trails, Jackson Southernaires, Kenny Davis and The Melodyaires, Christianaires, as well as many of the Gospel Programs that were held at WUST Radio Music Hall in Washington, DC during the 1970’s. Other groups were Crystal River Band, David and The Giants, Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary fame), Deep South Boys, Waymakers, Steve Greene, Joe English Band (former drummer for Paul McCartney and Wings), Sullivan Family, Lewis Family, Dixie Echoes, Bill Gaither, Mylan Lefevre and Broken Heart, Rob Castle Band, as well as many other contemporary artists and groups.

We will just mention here “Bridge The Gap Band”. The group that got this new ministry started in 1995. Thanks to Ken Wolle the drummer, along with Dr Barry on keyboards and vocals, this dynamic duo broke all bounds in music and ministry. They have ministered from coffee houses, churches, fellowships to the streets to spread the Word of God to the masses. Kudos to Jeff Silverman who ran our lights and sound equipment and doubled as roady for us and with us. He also played bass guitar with us as well as helping to produce our recordings in the early days of this ministry. Thank you Jeff! May God Richly Bless you and your family!

Dr Barry has been a Disk Jockey on and off during the past years. And had helped to found a Gospel Radio station in Ocean Springs, Mississippi during the early 1970’s.

Dr Barry has ministered greatly in the Bible Belt and deep south for many years from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian borders. In the later years he has visited most of the mid and east half of the USA and alot of Canada ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministries, churches and organizations that he has helped, worked and fellowshipped with are way to numerous to mention here. We have just mentioned some of the highlights of this great ministry.

Dr Barry is a World Traveler and International Speaker, holding crusades all over the globe. He is currently in Jamaica several times a year ministering on a regular basis! Check him out on Facebook.

Apostle Bishop Dr Barry Davis Sr is now working both ministries with and out of “Rehoboth Church of God” in Baltimore, MD under the very fine direction and leadership of Senior Pastor – Bishop Keith G. Allen. For more information about Rehoboth Church Of God, click on or go to

Honors & Awards

  • February 24th, 2013 Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Rhema Bible College
  • 2013 Nominated for Induction into the International Music Hall of Fame as Performer for Blues/Gospel Artist
  • Listed in Who’s Who in the World, 2000 for scholastic Honors
  • Listed in Marquis Who’s Who, 2001-2002 for scholastic Honors
  • Nominated Man of the Year, Cambridge, England, 2001 for scholastic Honors
  • 2000 Outstanding Scholars in the 21st Century, Cambridge, England, 2001 for scholastic Honors
  • Governor’s Citations for the State Of Maryland 1995-2003
  • City of Baltimore Maryland Presidential Awards and Resolutions 1995-2003
  • Congressional Awards and Resolutions from Washington DC 1995-2003
  • Inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame Dec 2016
  • Inducted into the  Blues Hall Of Fame Dec 2016

Minister Chris Allen – Minister of Music

chris rehoboth

chris 3b

Chris Allen is the newest member of our missions team. He is an Anointed and gifted Speaker of the Word.  He is also a gifted Praise and Worship Leader. He can get his praise on for real! He will add so much to the team and be a blessing to multitudes around the world.

Minister Starr Renee Davis
Star of Starr1b

Starr is a young lady that loves the Lord and began singing before she could even walk! She has an anointed voice with the ability to reach the youth for Christ. She loves singing as a solo artist, with choirs, and hanging out with friends.

Starr has a special gift to relate to young misunderstood and abused girls. She has been through many battles dealing with the loss of her mom since 01-21-09. Her mom passed away in her arms at the age of 15 years old. She has had an up-hill battle coming to terms with this tragedy in her young life. With loving support from the church community at large, God has finally gave Starr some closure in 2011 via a dream concerning her mom. God is giving direction for her in ministry.

Starr is a poet, song writer, singer and musician. She lights up the room where ever she goes. She radiates the love of God and strives to be all she can be in Jesus! Praise God for our YOUTH! Let us encourage them to do the very best they can!

Starr is a Board Certified Cosmetologist in the state of Maryland.  She is currently in College studying Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

Starr has a book and CD to soon be released. Keep an eye out here in our store when it is released!

The Professor

The Professor Project

Apostle Bishop Barry Davis Sr is also a well known musician, song writer, recording artist, producer and recording engineer. He has many credits listed in the Library of Congress to his name. God has blessed him with superb talents to be able to network, give lectures, clinics and seminars to church  leaders and music ministries. He has a great anointing and delivery of God’s Word! He has worked in radio and television over the many years of ministry.

Let your church be blessed by having this man of God at your next conference or special event. He teaches in Jamaica several times a year in conventions, youth congresses and many churches from Montego Bay to Kingston, as well as the USA and other countries. Check him out on Facebook.

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  1. Where is Phillip Imler now? He came to my house when I was a child, and met with our family in New York. Is he still in the ministry? Judea I Lawton 202-701-4276


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ATWETV is a Missions & Humanitarian based ministry. Dr Barry travels worldwide to meet the needs of Leaders, Children and to Educate.

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